Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Markus Homm - Day After Yesterday (Original)

Markus Homm was born in 1980 in Romania and moved to Germany with his family as
a child. In 2001 at age 21, he had his first DJ gig in Nuremberg, Germany. He quickly
made a name for himself. Many other domestic and international appearances followed.
One of the gigs took him to Romania, his former homeland. He was so thoroughly
impressed by the club scene there that he decided on the spot to get involved. In 2004
he opened a record shop in Sibiu together with other DJ friends.
At that time, he continued to develop his own style, a combination of deep house and
tech house. He achieved a solid position in the techno scene, and his tracks were play-
ed on various radio shows (including BBC). In the meantime, Markus lives in Moscow and Hong Kong. His intercul-
tural experiences flow into his own tracks and remixes which he produces with his partner Mihai Popoviciu.



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