Sunday, January 16, 2011

House Of House - Rushing To Paradise ( Dj Harvey Streets Edit )

Saheer Umar and Liv Spencer (also of DFA's Still Going) have only ma-
de one single as House Of House, but they made it one worth rememberi-
ng: 2009's multi-part piano-and-vocal-house epic,"Rushing To Paradise".
The unenviable task of remixing its rapturous, near-perfect twelve mi-
nutes for a 2010 re-release on Pete Tong's White Label fell to a worthy
candidate–legendary, maniacal disco and house selector DJ Harvey. Har-
vey's version cools things out a bit, latching onto a circular groove
and swapping the piano for decaying sheets of modular synth. It hits all
the same pressure points, just in a mildly different way.

"Rushing To Paradise" is on a Pete Tong's White Label.


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