Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hunee - Tour De Force

Real Name: Hun Choi

Aliases: Hun Choi, Hunch

Hunee is a good eater. He comes from a grey and boring city, where he-
avy industrialization and green forests go hand in hand. In his teena-
ge years, he used to colour this environment with rap and soul music.
Now being a Berlin resident for almost ten years – he eats bumpin’ di-
sco for breakfast, heats up deep jackin’ music for lunch and slows it
soulfully down for dinner. In the night he prefers to spend his time
cookin a special meal on the turntables. He is a good swimmer too –
when he’s out of the water, he makes records for labels like feel mu-
sic, w.t. records, internasjonal and retreat.

Discography of Hunee:

Hunch - Travel The Earth - Feel Music (FE008)
Hunee - Brother EP - Internasjonal (INT010)
Hunee - Tour De Force EP - WT Records (WT02)
Hunee - Barrio Payment EP - Retreat (RTR04)
Hunee - Bobos Alone In Paradise EP - Rush Hour (RH031)



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