Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hot Toddy feat Ron Basejam - I Need Love

Label: Eskimo Recordings

"I Need Love" is quite possibly the most clichéd song name you could come up with. Hot Toddy, though, comes up with the goods here—in conjunction with Ron Basejam—to create a track that has histrionics enough to fulfill the promise its title suggests. "I Need Love" moves deliciously slow on purpose, luring you in to its sub-100 BPM charm. It allows you to luxuriate in each kick, hearing the imaginary drummer trying their best not to rush things. It's a deep pocket, but it gives room for Basejam's mantra—"you could be mine always"—to take on the sort of weight that it deserves before the piano, synths and strings amp things up to almost unbearable levels.

Morgan Geist has never been a man of such grandiose gestures, and he doesn't disappoint here, providing a lovely and restrained version of "I Need Love," which almost completely disregards the vocals altogether. He doesn't need them, though: His expert arrangement speaks more than Basejam ever could. Geist moves just as slowly, but here it's things like horns, kick drums and guitar lines that take on import. After a slightly disappointing remix of Catholic earlier this year, it's an assured return to form.

Ron Basejam:

Real Name: James Baron Profile: James Baron began DJing in Colwyn Bay bars and clubs about 10 years ago. He has been addicted to all things funky since then and has spent more hours than normal in record fairs and shops up and down the country. He is a founder member of the paperecordings band Crazy Penis.

Hot Toddy:

Real Name: Christopher Todd. Aliases: Hot Toddy, Passenger In Groups: Crazy Penis.


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