Thursday, June 30, 2011

Moby 'Victoria Lucas'

Victoria Lucas is taken from the new Moby EP, available as a free download at

The track also appears on Moby's forthcoming album Destroyed, out May 2011. More information »

'victoria lucas' was shot at night in l.a when seemingly everyone else was asleep.




Monday, June 27, 2011

Nicholas - "All I Need"

4LUX011-03 Nicholas - "All Night Long"

A1 - All Night Long (Gerd's Old School Remix)
A2 - All Night Long (Original)
B1 - All I Need
B2 - Stay Together

2011 4Lux - Vinyl 12



Schatrax - Champagne Dancer (2010 Edit)

Yet another deep house release in 2010. Soft chords, a bassline full of depth and groove, some claps...yawn. Lacking in originality? Not quite. "Champagne Dancer" is the originality, first released in 1998, and snapped up here by Fear of Flying and re-released with a limited edition vinyl-only edit from Schatrax himself and a remix from Justin Drake.

The original—containing little more than a kick drum, bass, some keys and that hypnotic synth is an unfussy, raw and delightful classic house track. Thankfully, the 2010 edit hasn't been played with too much and its timeless sound remains almost intact. Any 1998 creases have been ironed out and the groove has been calibrated for modern audiences. Other than a few tweaks, the A1 and A2 are very close. The trouble is—somewhere along the line—it's lost some of its gruff charm. The kick drum is less aggressive, the bass warmer and the piano smoother. What makes this edit stand out is the new looped and slow panning sound that's been run through a low frequency flanger effect. High pitched and relentlessly menacing against the backdrop of sexy bass and mature chords, it fits into 2010 like a glove.

Justin Drake's remix, spanning the entire B-side, has a techier feel. Drake has re-worked it into a rolling floor bouncer with spacious drums, chords and a short vocal snippet. Well-arranged and well-produced, I still can't help but feel that it's been designed purely as a club tool, giving "Champagne Dancer" yet another opportunity to be slung in the middle of a mix for the floor. That's all well and good, but it didn't need any help. It was already a gem in the midst of many a record bag.



Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hamilton Bohannon - Let's Start The Dance

After graduating from Clark College, Atlanta and playing in local bands, he was hired by thirteen-year-old Stevie Wonder to be the drummer in his touring band. He moved to Detroit in 1967 and was employed by Motown as band leader and arranger for many of the label’s top acts. When Motown moved from Detroit in 1972, he stayed behind to form his own band. His band featured members of the Detroit band The Fabulous Counts.
He signed with Dakar/Brunswick Records and in early 1973 released the album Stop & Go. This was followed by five more albums for the label over the next two years, on which he perfected his formula of heavy, thudding bass accents and aggressive rhythms. Although several of his tracks were club hits, he had limited chart success – however, in 1975 "Disco Stomp" made the Top Ten in the UK, and "Foot Stompin’ Music" later that year scraped into the Billboard Hot 100 and R&B Top 40.

In 1976, Bohannon signed to Mercury Records and two years later had his biggest success with "Let’s Start The Dance." It made the R&B Top Ten and featured the singer Carolyn Crawford, whose subsequent albums Bohannon went on to produce.
Although he continued to release records through the 1980s using new vocalists Liz Lands and Altrinna Grayson, he met with diminishing success. Nevertheless, more recently his music has been widely sampled, most notably Chicago DJ/Producer Paul Johnson's 1999 hit "Get Get Down" which heavily sampled Bohannon's "Me and the Gang."

His name was mentioned in the Tom Tom Club song "Genius of Love."
Bohannon is a devout Christian and dedicated his album "Dance Your Ass Off" to "God and His Son, Jesus Christ". The album also included a disclaimer that "The word 'ass' is not used here in the sense of profanity."



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ernie - Guerreros

Hometown: Madrid

Record label: Minuendo Recordings


Influenced by electronic music of the late 80’s and the Old School hip hop culture since he was really young, is in ’95 when he got his first contact with Madrid’s underground scene, in clubs like Voltereta, The Omen, Soma and Midday, where he got huge dose of it and new electronic influences as attendant. This generated a big interest in him and decided to take part of the scene himself.

While all this years he has performed in great amount of clubs, festivals and museums across Europe and South America. Wax Sessions @ Moog (Bcn), Lo*Li*Ta (Bcn), D’Club (Laussane), La Feria (Santiago de Chile), Dominica Club 54 (Santiago de Chile), Blue Budah (Lima), Metro (Alicante), Deeptronic @ Deep (Madrid), Le Club (Valencia), Soma (Madrid), One (Madrid), Vademécum (Vigo), Contemporari Art Museum (Bologna), La Casa Encendida (Madrid), Overbooking Festival (Valencia), ElectroSplash (Castellon), Animo 03 Festival (Madrid), Deusto University (Bilbao), Matriz (Badajoz)… His sessions are plenty of big sense and strong personality, full of soul and good taste.

His evolution as dj and producer during these years takes him from the most minimalist and eclectic techno club sound, to the most deep and black house. Nowadays he is offering us the purest “Detroit House and Deep Techno” sound, inspired in artists like Theo Parrish, Moodymann, Omar S., Jus-Ed, 3Chairs, Rick Wade, Ron Trent, Dj QU…
He Works as resident dj in Sybaris, mixing all kind of black music like soul, funk, hiphop, lounge, breaks, disco…

In 2004, he created Minuendo Recordings with C. Gonzalez, one of the most polifacetics and alive in the actual electronic underground scene, putting together in the same label a huge variety of styles, IDM, Deep House, Techno, Ambient, Electro…
Joining in their 12” artist such a Antonelli Eclectr., Trolley Route aka Oscar Mulero, Arcanoid, Juju & Jordash, Patrice Scott, Jus-Ed, Dubbyman, Xpansul,… In this season Minuendo is deeply centered in the blacker sounds, deep house with the point of view in Detroit.



Monday, June 20, 2011

Chris Joss - Danger Buds

The official music video for "Danger Buds" from Chris Joss' latest album "Sticks."



Kings Of Convenience - Misread

Kings of Convenience are an indie folk-pop duo from Bergen, Norway. Consisting of Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe, the musical group is known for their delicate tunes, calming voices, and intricately subtle guitar melodies. Both Øye and Bøe sing in their tracks, and both of them compose.



Kings of Convenience - I Don't Know What I Can Save You From (remix by R...

Kings of Convenience are an indie folk-pop duo from Bergen, Norway. Consisting of Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe, the musical group is known for their delicate tunes, calming voices, and intricately subtle guitar melodies. Both Øye and Bøe sing in their tracks, and both of them compose.



Friday, June 17, 2011

G-Man - The 17th Duke


Real Name:
Gerrard Varley

Instabil 26 G-Man - The Dukes 2011
2 The 17th Duke.

Techno, Dub Techno.
Instabil Label



Thursday, June 16, 2011

Above Smoke - One For Detroit (Dubbyman Remix) (Love And Hate EP) 2004

Dubbyman (Madrid) DJ / Producer

José Manuel Alvarez, also known as Dubbyman, made his debut as a DJ in 1992, hidden under the name of José Vertice. Acid house, funk, drum&bass and hip hop were just some of the ingredients of his firsts sets, backed up by his collective Dogs Connected. Latter incursions into dubbed house and electrofunk sounds took him to visit most important clubs in Madrid like Deep and Danzoo, while maintaining his own club, Freak. By 2002, and thanks to his new facet as a producer he became Dubbyman, moves his residency from Freak to Café Bar Las Descalzas and expands his sessions across Madrid, in clubs like Morpheus, Ohm, Taboo, Deep, Danzoo,or Goldfield and outside, in places like Le Club (Valencia), El Sol (Salamanca), Telefunken, House café, Foxx (La Coruña), La casa de la música (Badajoz).

In 2006 he finds the most highly recognition for his participation in Sonar festival 2006
making a powerful session mixing dub with black music. 2007 was a year of
consolidation with his showcase in Observatori Festival in Valencia and a great
comeback to Sonar 2007 sharing turntables with the cream of the Dubstep UK scene,
Kode 9, Oris Jay and Mary Anne Hobbs.

During 2009-2010 start’s his european tour visiting important clubs in Amsterdam,
Wales, Lisboa, Croatia, Bratislava, London… and participating in high respected
festivals as Freerotation festival 2010.

Nowadays he and his brother Above Smoke still directs the Deep Explorer music label
where their productions are released along with other international artists like Marvin
Belton and Scott Ferguson from Ferrispark, Mike Huckaby, Nick Sole, Rick Wade,
Sascha Dive, Kai Alce, The Lady Blacktronika, Reggie Dokes…

He keeps Djing at Sybaris club, where he shows his best selection of the latest funk, soul and Nujazz tendencies.



Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chez N Trent - Morning Factory (Prescription)

Anthony Pearson (Chez Damier) & Ron Trent

Chez Damier has devoted his life to electronic music as a vocalist, DJ, producer, label manager and graphic artist. Splitting his time between Detroit, Chicago and occasionally New York, Chez set up the Music Institute with Derrick May and Alton Miller, looked after the business affairs and studio output of Kevin Saunderson's KMS label, and helped countless producers get a start in production. On top of that, he has a kick ass discography of his own, his work with Ron Trent on Prescription coming to near define an era in club music - Chez' is truly one of the greatest story never told in house music.


RBMA Interview

Monday, June 13, 2011

James What - Going Back / Lewie Day (Glimpse Remix)


Lewie Day / James What – Nofitstate
Label: Murmur Records
Catalog#: STATE02
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: UK
Released: 17 May 2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tech House


A1 Lewie Day – That's The Thing (Glimpse Remix)
B1 James What – Going Back


Release on Discogs

Sunday, June 12, 2011

DJ JUS ED: I'm Comin - Levon Vincent remix

A voyage into the world of DJ Jus-Ed reveals an adventurous, energetic and spiritual style of playing quality house music. Since reappearing on the scene in 2001 after a brief retirement, DJ Jus-Ed's underground smooth sets have captured & educated audiences all the way from his home base in Connecticut to Miami's South Beach, holding it down on two fronts with a weekly residency in New Haven, CT at Diesel Lounge and a bi-monthly residency at Halcyon "Underground Radio" in Brooklyn, NY. The "Underground Radio" show which was also featured on, started out as a fall slot and a year later has featured the likes of well-known producers/DJ's such as, DJ Romain, DJ Dimension & William Rosario (MegaMen Sounds) Lord G, Henry Maldonado, Kevin James (M-BreakRecordings) and DJ Afro (Los Amigos Invisibles).

DJ Jus-Ed 's exposure to a wide range of experiences shapes his unique musical viewpoint. At the tender age of six he was backing up his grandparents in a Jazz duo "Tomi & Eddy" touring from the East to West coast as a drummer, later attending the University of Bridgeport at age 10 to study percussion instruments. Other musical influences included James Brown , Buddy Rich and later Chicago, 3 Dog Night and Luther Vandross. In the early eighties faithfully tuning in to WBLS with Frankie Crocker, Jus-Ed also embarked on his professional dj career in 1982 starting out playing the music of the times, freestyle, house, and R&B but retiring in 1985.

Upon his return in 2001, Dj Jus-Ed teamed up with DJ Vic Money (98.7 Kiss FM ), to create the "Underground Quality " signature under which they began producing parties at venues such as, Ludlow Bar and Smithfields in the Lower East Side NY...

DJ Jus-Ed
Underground Quality Productions
255 Grandview Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06606




Saturday, June 11, 2011

Zvuk Broda: ttri ( EGOBOO.bits )

Zvukbroda was founded by Ivan Slipčević and Tomislav Domes. In 2000 they started performing their music and visuals live at net.culture club Mama. Soon they initiated, together with other artists performing at the club, the first copyleft label in Croatia - EGOBOO.bits.

zvukbroda is a prominent name on the Croatian clubbing scene with performances in a large number of music events and festivals.
Their music can be defined as deep house.

zvukbroda's music can be freely downloaded and used under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

Hometown: Zagreb

Country: Croatia



Friday, June 10, 2011

Gus Gus - Changes Come

Arabian Horse is the eighth studio album released by GusGus in 2011. It features the same line-up from 24/7 That includes President Bongo, Biggi Veira and Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson but it will also have the return of Urður "Earth" Hákonardóttir plus guest spots from Högni Egilsson of Hjaltalin and Davíð Þór Jónsson.
[edit]Track listing

No. Title Length

1. "Selfoss"
2. "Be With Me"
3. "Deep Inside"
4. "Over"
5. "Within You"
6. "Arabian Horse"
7. "Magnified Love"
8. "Changes Come"
9. "When Your Lover’s Gone"
10. "Benched"


Gus Gus

Darko Esser - Clean Slate (Curle033 A)


Darko Esser – Clean Slate
Label: Curle Recordings
Catalog#: CURLE 033
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: Belgium
Released: 18 Feb 2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Dub Techno


Release on Discogs
Darko Esser on Discogs

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jestofunk Featuring Jocelyn Brown - Special Love (Steve 'Silk' Hurley Mi...

Steve "Silk" Hurley is a producer, songwriter, DJ, and 4-Time GRAMMY® Nominated Remixer. He began his career as a DJ, artist, producer, and pioneer of Chicago's "House Music". After creating several No. 1 hits with RCA, London, and Atlantic Records as a recording artist, Silk shifted his focus to songwriting, producing and remixing. He has since worked with hundreds of various artists including Prince, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, CeCe Peniston, R. Kelly, and Mary J. Blige. While maintaining a successful production career in which he has sold several million records, Silk has still remained true to his DJ roots. He is an international DJ, and has been featured since 1994 on the nationally-syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show, which has over 8 million listeners. Hurley has managed to build a reputation as “The Mashup King” with his mixshow segment called “The Old Skool New Skool Remix”, which is featured 5 times weekly.
As a member the "Dream Team" for Oprah Winfrey's “Pop Star Challenge Contest”, Silk produced the music tracks for the 8 contestants' performances, as well as Oprah's Pop Star Challenge 2004 Cast Album on Epic/Sony Records. He is currently in the studio recording the album project for his 19 year-old daughter, singer-songwriter B. Laurén, whose first single hits the streets in the first quarter of 2010.
Silk’s new company S&S Records was formed in 2005 with fellow international DJ Shannon “DJ Skip” Syas. They recently released “The Chicago LP”, a double DVD/double CD featuring an All-Chicago, All-Star cast of House Music Pioneers and Hip Hop stars. More details are available at and future projects include Platinum Hip-House artist Fast Eddie’s new CD. S&S has also been responsible for major House Music events in Chicago that have averaged an attendance of 4,000 people.
In addition all of these accomplishments, Silk has always given back by moderating and /or speaking at countless panels and at schools across the country. He has also served the GRAMMY® Organization, NARAS, for years. He was the Chicago Chapter President from 2004-2005, National Trustee from 2000-2004, and was an instructor for the GRAMMY CAMP® in 2006.



Jestofunk - I'm Gonna Love You (Club Mix)

Italian acid jazz collective Jestofunk began in 1991 as the collaboration between DJs/producers MozArt and Blade; after issuing their debut single "I'm Gonna Love You," the duo recruited American house vocalist CeCe Rogers for the follow-up, 1993's "Say It Again." Jestofunk's debut album Love in a Black Dimension appeared a year later, with DJ/producer Farias signing on for 1999's Universal Mother.



CJ Bolland - Camargue

Artist Info:

Born in Yorkshire in 1971 but transplanted to Belgium when he was only three, CJ Bolland received an early education in dance music; his parents ran a club in Antwerp, and his mother DJed there. He grew up listening to the synthesizer music of several eras — from Jean-Michel Jarre to Front 242 and the Neon Judgement — but began devoting most of his time to house and techno by the late '80s. Bolland began producing in 1988, when a drummer friend gave him access to the right gear, and his tracks were soon heard on several Belgian pirate radio stations. He then sent demos to several labels, and finally heard back from R & S Records.
CJ Bolland's first production for R & S, the Project's "Do That Dance", jump-started his career, and he soon saw releases from his projects Pulse, Space Opera (with the Advent's Cisco Ferreira), Cee-Jay, Ravesignal and Sonic Solution. His 1992 "Ravesignal 3 EP" (specifically, the track "Horsepower") made Bolland one of the hottest names in the new global dance community.

Bolland made his album debut soon after, with "The 4th Sign". His 1993-94 schedule also included production work for Mundo Muzique, Dave Angel and Joey Beltram as well as remixing for Orbital, The Prodigy, Sven Väth, WestBam, Tori Amos and Baby Ford, among others. His second album "Electronic Highway" was released in 1995, after which Bolland signed a mammoth five-album deal with Internal Records. The first fruits of the contract, "The Analogue Theatre", were released in late 1996 to critical praise and dance-chart success, thanks to the excitable single "Sugar Is Sweeter".


Label: R & S Records
Catalog#: RS 92024
Format: 2 x Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Album
Country: Belgium
Released: 1992
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno
Notes: Recorded at The R&S Laboratories.


A Camargue (Radio Edit)
B Spoof


Release on Discogs
CJ Bolland on Discogs

Toby Tobias - In Your Eyes (Tensnake Remix)

Tensnake is an electro producer from Hamburg, Germany, who emerged in the mid-2000s with a disco-influenced style and rose to critical acclaim at the end of the decade. Born Marco Niemerski, he made his commercial recording debut with the Restless EP on the label Mirau in 2006. He released the follow-up I Say Mista EP on the label in 2007. In addition, he released EPs on the labels Players Paradise (Dust, 2007), Radius Records (Fried Egg, 2007), and Endless Flight (Keep Believin', 2008). Critical acclaim came with the release of the In the End (I Want You to Cry) EP on the label Running Back in 2009. The EP was voted number one on's end-of-the-year list, among other accolades, and spawned a couple different club hits with "In the End (I Want You to Cry)" and "Holding Back (My Love)." In the midst of this breakthrough success in 2009, Tensnake was chosen to compile a DJ mix for Resident Advisor. In 2010 he released the Coma Cat EP on the label Permanent Vacation.



Tuesday, June 7, 2011

John Beltran - Blue World

Artist Info:

John Beltran, born 4 march 1969, is one of those producers that always seems to elude being pinned to any one category. His early work on Carl Craig's seminal Retroactive imprint sculpted a Detroit classic with hints of Derrick May, world music, and Jazz vibrations. He followed up in 1996 on Peacefrog with arguably one of the most sought after techno classics "Ten Days of Blue," which is still John's most successfully licensed music with songs like "Collage of Dreams" being used in the Miramax film Human Traffic and the HBO hit Six Feet Under. His next project was entitled "The Cry" under the Placid Angles guise which MixMaster Morris charted as one of his favourite albums ever.

John Beltram on Discogs

Laid Back - Bakerman (Soul Clap Remix)

Before today there was yesterday and after tomorrow is the future. Elyte and Cnyce's paths were crossed for all time when a Sun Ra light beam sent from Saturn collided with the P-Funk Mothership and sent them tumbling to earth. Now, Soul Clap time travels on a musical spaceship of dopeness...

By harnessing the past Soul Clap looks to the future, with forward thinking productions, remixes and edits, creative DJ sets and some of the USA's best dance music events. With the city of Boston firmly in their grasp they organize the highly praised Dancing On The Charles and, and every Wednesday they host Midweek Techno, the area's longest running techno night.

Soul Clap's training goes beyond history lessons to mastering all the elements of the DJ and producer: knowledge, mixing, programming, performance and experience. They honed their knowledge by teaching a university course about dance music at Tufts University. Soul Clap themselves learned that "house wears many hats" and were instilled with the sounds of New York, Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia while fostering an addiction to crate-digging, that has become a worldwide quest to acquire the best music.

Soul Clap released their first 12" records on Airdrop Records, "The Giraffe", "die Ente" and “Puppy Crack” and then spread their wings with a number of edits and remixes on Brooklyn’s Wolf + Lamb. With more material coming soon on Culprit, AUX-Rec, Glass Table, Magic Bag, Rebirth and new Wolf + Lamb offshoot, Double Standard and a busy touring schedule already in place, the boys aren't slowing down in 2010.

Always pushing new boundaries, always traveling through time and space, decades of experience has prepared Soul Clap to free your mind, and your ass will follow.



Monday, June 6, 2011

The Lady Blacktronika - It's All About Survival (I Heart Huckaby Mix)

The Mount Shasta-based producer calls herself the First Lady of Beatdown. We're inclined to agree. RA's Christine Kakaire meets one of deep house's most talented newcomers.


RA Interview Laday Blacktronika

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Diesel and DJ Harvey "East"

Real Name: Harvey William Bassett




Vakula - Nema (2010)

Real Name: Vakula Karpenko

DJ and producer from Konotop (Ukraine).



Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dj Harvey - Black Cock Edits #8

Dj Harvey / Black Cock edits


Read me

Blackdisco - Justin Vandervolgen - Nice Costume

This serie is a really top-notch collection of spiritual & soulful funky disco re-edits in the making...
I would say it should gain the same kind of cult status than Harvey'Black cock releases.
Amazing dancefloors killers for people in MUSIC.

Tiger & Woods - Come Down

Expect an orgy of edits on the secretive duo's mix for us.

What do we know about Tiger & Woods? Well, they've released three parts of an ongoing edits series that have surfaced through their own Editainment imprint. The squirming funk of "Gin Nation" has been marked as their standout track—one of the two cuts that made up last year's Caddy Shag EP. They made their DJing debut at Robert Johnson in Offenbach late October and followed it up with a number of European dates throughout the remainder of 2010. And now we have this mix. Adroitly snatched samples are the basis for the duo's trip through soul, disco, boogie and house music; if there's a more feel-good way of seeing in 2011 we'd like to hear it.

What have you been up to recently?

We started touring Europe, we just finished the album, we did a remix for someone from Germany, and mainly we'd love to say that we've been playing in the Ryder Cup, but unfortunately we can't really...

How and where was the mix recorded?

The mix was recorded somewhere in central Europe, but most of the music on it has been treated, sliced and dubbed on audiocassette in our lab which is somewhere else, way warmer than central Europe.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the idea behind the mix?

Most of the music on it comes from a kind of research we do in our studio, a sort of groove extraction that we need to regenerate those unknown and known classics. The idea of the mix is to blend those obsessive essential flavours with new and old tracks we love.

What's the motivation behind your cloak of anonymity?

It's so easy to get to know things nowadays; for once we tried to keep it spicy like it was back in the day.

Why edits?

We love it when you discover something new in a song you already know. If the edit is just meant to "fix the beat" or just extend it, then it's not our cup of tea.

What are you up to next?

There's a lot of music coming out from our side in 2011, and yes that includes an album (as you can read on Wikileaks). But mainly we'll be looking for a new scandal to "ride"—and this time it won't be based on the golf player, it will be just based on us

Tiger & Woods - RA.239 Podcast (27-Dec-2010)

Stereociti - Untitled

Genre: Experimental / House / Techno
Location born in a industrial city, Tokyo, JP
Record Label Mojuba

Influences: my wife, my friends, the detroit escalator co. (neil ollivierra) , gil scott heron, vintage moodymann, vintage theo parrish, move D, lucky thompson, ahmad jamal, wes montgomery, john coltrane, thelonius monk, Grant Green, paul desmond, João Gilberto, jaco pastorius, jimi hendrix, stevie wonder, pino palladino, russ gabriel, carl craig, tortoise, marvin gaye, studio1, basic channel, doug carn, kraftwerk, juan atkins, bob marley, Manuel Göttsching, king tubby, johnny hammond, azymuth, steve rech, william devaughn, herbie hancock, michael jackson, D'Angelo, David T Walker, deepchord, motorbass, james brown, Jill Scott, isao kumano, eric satie, wim wenders...

Sounds Like: deep house....



Friday, June 3, 2011

Mangala Camara - Wilile (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix)

Boddhi Satva

He will shortly be releasing a full-length album showcasing his ever evolving talents. His now well-known “Ancestral Soul” mixes and productions will propel the profile of Boddhi Satva skyward. People from the music industry supporting Boddhi Satva: Osunlade, Abicah Soul, Alix Alvarez, Alton Miller, Anané, Anto Vitale, Atjazz, Bradford James, Charles Webster, Oumou Sangaré, Claude Monnet, Dennis Ferrer, Dj Bruno, Dj Disciple, Dj Fudge, Dj Spen, Dj Spinna, Dr Bob Jones, Eman, Franck Roger, Ian Friday, Jamie Thinnes, Jihad Mohamed, JoJo Flores, Josh Milan, Julius the Mad Thinker, Karizma, Kenny Dope, Kerri Chandler, Kevin Hedge, Kiko Navarro, Laurent Garnier, Louie Lou Gorbea, Louie Vega, Manoo, Marques Wyatt, Mr V, Peter Hadarkwa, Ralf Gum, Rocco, Quentin Harris, Terry Hunter, and it goes on.


Boddi Satva Podcast`s

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Joe Stawarz - Cry



Jazzmattik & Boddhi Satva Feat. MissuM - And Other Worlds"

Boddhi Satva (Bio)

Born and raised in the Central African Republic, He’s first introduction to music production happened in 1994.
Back then, he was writing, singing and rapping in a Hip-Hop group (Gbekpa Crew) that he and a couple of friends created.

Willing to pursue his studies he will move to Belgium in 2000. He will end up embracing his first love, MUSIC.
He will then begin to develop his production talents and will slowly be seduced by the sounds of Deep House and most notably the music of producers like: Kevin Yost , Alton Miller, St Germain, Osunlade, Masters At Work to name but a few.
“It was like a revelation to me, from then on I decided to play and produce this Music”.

A meeting with Alton Miller in 2005 resulted in giving birth to two Ep’s “Prelude To A Motion EP” and “See The Day”, released on trail-blazing Paris-based ATAL Music.

In 2006 he will realise that the sound of Osunlade is the inspiration that will help him craft his now respected Ancestral Soul touch that was introduced to the world on Yoruba Records with the“Satva Varti Ep”.
In 2007 ATAL, will release “Moina Ya Mokili” Boddhi Satva’s third release on the label done this time in collaboration with Abel Tabu.

Knowned to be a hard worker and called by his pears “The machine” 2008 has been a prolific year for Boddhi Satva who will create his own label “Offering Recordings” and also deliver a lot of remixes and original productions on labels like:
Bubble Soul, Seasons Limited, Seed, Ocha Records, Vega Records, Yoruba Records, Abicah Soul Recs, Franck Roger Digital, Deeper Shades Recs, Citydeep and UGH.

Now signed by world-renowned and Grammy Award winner’s Louie Vega and Osunlade, Boddhi has confirmed he could keep up his creativity by constantly recreating his musical aptitudes.

He will shortly release a full-length album showcasing his ever evolving talents.
His now well-known “Ancestral Soul” mixes and productions will set his profile to rise further.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blake Baxter - When We Used To Play

DJ from the early Detroit scene, founder of labels Mix Records and Phat Joint.



Gus Gus - Selfoss


This is group's second long-player for venerated Cologne imprint Kompakt, following the gloomy electronica of 24/7 in 2009. For the recording of Arabian Horse, the trio of President Bongo, Biggi Veira and Daniel August reportedly constructed a studio in an isolated cottage in the middle of an Icelandic lava field. With initial recordings consisting solely of two Doepfer analog modular systems and August's vocals, the album nods to '90s dance pop acts like The Beloved.

Arabian Horse welcomes the return of vocalist Urður "Earth" Hákonardóttir to the Gus Gus fold, plus new personnel in the shape of Högni Elisson of the band Hjaltalin.


01. Selfoss
02. Be with Me
03. Deep Inside
04. Over
05. Within You
06. Arabian Horse
07. Magnified Love
08. Changes Come
09. When Your Lover's Gone
10. Benched


Gus Gus on Wikipedia

Soulful House: Osunlade - Butterfly (Ron Trent's Music And Power Remix)

Ron Trent (born May 23, 1973, in Chicago) is an American house music producer.
Trent's father was a disco DJ. He recorded the track "Altered States" while still a high schooler, releasing it on Armando's Warehouse Records in 1990. The track became a club hit among devotees of techno, despite Trent's grounding in the Chicago house scene. He then began working with Detroit producers such as Chez Damier, with whom he issued several singles before co-founding the label Prescription Records. They also worked with Berlin-based producer Maurizio.
Later in the 1990s, he moved to Brooklyn and put together a collaboration known as Urban Sound Gallery, or USG. He also worked with Anthony Nicholson there. He returned to Chicago in the 2000s.

Soninsikart - Osunlade

Fuck yeah!

Osunlade was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri.He composed music for Sesame Street during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Afterward, he moved to Los Angeles, California, where he worked with artists such as Patti Labelle and Freddie Jackson. After a stint there, he moved to New York, where he founded Yoruba Records. To date he has worked with such artists as Roy Ayers, Nkemdi, Salif Keita, and Cesária Évora. In 2006, he released an album titled Aquarian Moon, in 2007, he released an album titled Elements Beyond on the revived Strictly Rhythm Records, and, in 2009, he released the album Passage. He is a priest of the Yoruba religion of Ifá. Because of his beliefs, Osunlade's music has a deep spiritual root in Yoruba traditions that are also reflected in the name of his record label, album covers, and also the titles of some of the tracks he has remixed such as "Obatala y Oduduwa" and "Yemeya."



Gideon Jackson feat. Marijan Felver - At Last [Rescue, 2003]