Friday, November 5, 2010

Roni Nachum - Guest Service Shalom

Label: Fine Art Recordings

Format: Vinyl, 10"

Country: UK

Style: House, Deep House, Tech House

A sophisticated slow-burner from newcomer Roni Nachum that, while doing nothing too surprising, effortlessly straddles the sometimes gaping chasm between the deep and the dance thanks to an ear for layered melody and atmospheric chords.

It's a testament to Nachum's skill that he manages to sound so mature so early in his career, and makes a simple progression sound so elegantly complex. Anticipation grows upon listening to "Guest Service Shalom" as the melody entwines itself around a nucleus of rhythm that never gets out of control. There's a real groove to be dug too, which is kept in check by a deft use of percussion. To say that this is a tune that draws you in is an understatement. Its delicate balance of the fragile and the muscular make it a persuasive piece of dance floor tackle which would sound great at peak time, but also subtle enough in the build-up. Mark E slows things down to such a languid pace that the tune pads around in a dream world until it opens up and, thanks to filigrees of unwinding synths, pollinates itself. A lovely and lazy remix.

Great stuff that sounds so quintessentially made for the summer months that I feel odd writing about it in the depths of winter. Skillfully executed and saturated with bliss.



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