Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BLM & Pawas - Waiting Game (Original Mix)

What kind of track inspires Patrice Scott to release his first remix outside of his own Sistrum label and Jus-Ed to proclaim in the first months of the year that it will be in his "Top 20 tracks for 2010"? "Waiting Game" apparently. It's the first record on the new Sudden Drop imprint, a label that promises future work from the young Iron Curtis and the old(er) Tripmastaz. As you can tell by the names swirling around Sudden Drop, things are on the boil, and that's mostly thanks to its initial offering.

"Waiting Game" fulfills the advance promise not because it's the sort of deep house track that leaves you using cringe-inducing words like "timeless." (Although it's been known to do that.) Instead, it's the bewitching way in which the sampled vocal's poetry ("Black coat / cold skin") matches with BLM & Pawas' three note melody and the laidback percussion. Simply, but deadly effective. Scott's aforementioned remix adds more liquid to the equation, pushing where the original pulled. The energy is infectious. So is the additional synth work that acts as counterpoint to the original's melody. Both offer reason to keep an eye on this label as it progresses.



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