Monday, November 29, 2010

Juju & Jordash - Tattoo's Island

More than a decade ago in the seaport city of Haifa, Juju & Jordash met. They had very different lives going on at the time, but found one another through their weekly be-bop jams. Throughout the 1990s, Juju & Jordash each played in and composed for various jazz and experimental combos by day. Meanwhile by cover of night, they were both experimenting with electronic dance music - something they would soon come to do together.

In 2003, Juju & Jordash officially joined forces. Two years later, they started releasing music as a duo starting with 'The Hush' EP on Reggie Dokes’ legendary Detroit label Psychostasia, Followed by a string of EPs and LPs on a myriad of international labels including Real Soon, Aesthetic Audio, Underground Quality, Deep Explorer, Ropeadope, Uzuri, Philpot, and Dekmantel. (full discography: )

Their musical influences range from Thelonius Monk to Ryuichi Sakomoto, from Can to Mr. Fingers and from Cabaret Voltaire to Ornette Coleman. Yet it's hard to describe Juju & Jordash's own sound. One might venture to say a unique fusion of electronic and acoustic, Detroit-flavored techno, Chicago House and free jazz - or, more poetically, music from the future gazing deeply into the past. To hear the music for yourself and for more information, please visit



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