Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Aybee - You In Love

Real Name: Armon Bazile. Since man’s earliest moments he has shared his space with rhythm, and dance. It is this pursuit along with a deeper understanding of the divine nature of rhythm that serves as the modus operandi for Label Owner/Producer/and DJ AYBEE.

Writings on label:

deepest respect to: My Mother who taught me the power of music & dance,
Ron Trent (your music is elevation), Patrick Wilson (you are truly God's
Child), The Nulife SF Family, Jabari, Marv, John Paul Shiver, Frankie
Feliciano, Karriem, Stacy and Angela. To my ancestors from which whose
spirit I draw strength, and to all my brothas that the streets of Oakland
have taken away from us...I wish you could see what i see...

"What is gained from inner nature is
exact knowledge, which gives us a far-reaching outlook over the earth.
The many powers of inner nature are hidden in everyone and these are
identified with Wakan-Tanka. [The Great Spirit]."



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