Saturday, March 19, 2011

Little Dragon - Twice

Little Dragons are a totally unique alt-pop group hailing from Gothenburg in Sweden. Made up of high school friends Yukimi Nagano, Erik Bodin, Fredrik Källgren Wallin and Håkan Wirenstrand the group have been recording music together since the mid nineties, although the first Little Dragon single was not released until 2006.

Currently they have two fantastic albums under their belts - their self-titled debut and Machine Dreams. They have also collaborated with the likes of Koop, Andreas Saag and The Gorillaz. Their sound is infused with the otherworldly and brings together abstract electronic sounds, driving percussion and heartfelt lyrics into a dazzling pop confection.

This radio session is a recording of the bands opening set at the Electronic Beats Festival Cologne and is a fantastic performance that captures their richly detailed sound.


Little Dragon live at Electronic Beats Festival Cologne, 2010-05

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