Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Scott Ferguson - Death Of The Diggers 2

Death of the Diggers 2
Artist: Scott Ferguson
Ferrispark Records
C&P 2010 Ferrispark Records & Publishing

Scott Ferguson returns(2010) to the production fold with a disco-flecked EP that retains the deepness and emotion anything associated with his Ferrispark imprint demands. "Merano Disco" is characterised by an immeasurably pleasing vocal plucked from a West End classic, complemented by a hip shaking low slung bassline and funkafied riff, while "Flying Trapeze Disco" sees haunting strings and raw drums combining to cinematic effect. The B-Side is adorned with "SF Estilo Disco", a slow-jam chugger with sliced up male/female vocal grunts, and "Sole Disco", which sees the unmistakable vocal of Kenny Dixon Jnr come to the fore, with the Detroit producer's legendary croaky voice sampled from a recent interview.



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