Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fred P - Emotive Vibrations

Fred P. - Real Name: Fred Peterkin

Aliases: Black Jazz Consortium, Fred Peterkin

Fred P has truly captivated the house fraternity of late with his deep as the ocean house cuts on his very own Soul People Music as well as on Underground Quality . The word deep has recently been used to a point of overkill but one man that word applies to in his character as well as the music he makes is Fred . Fred is no new comer either . He has been carving and working on music for the past 20 years, so there is knowledge and skill there !!!
Fred , Jus Ed , Dj Qu & Levon Vincent became much more than just New York dj’s and producers , they truly captivated and captured audiences from all over the place with their highly intoxicating take on house music. Articles and heavy features came from the likes of Resident Advisor , Xlr8 and many more but Fred & the rest of the crew remain focused and truly humble.


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