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Marvin Belton - Bleed to be free

Marvin Belton is a native of Detroit, Michigan. Marvin’s association with the Wyandotte band PSYFUNK (1996 - Present) resulted in the release of two albums FRESH DEAD FISH (released 1997) and Psyfunk (released in 1999). While in Psyfunk, Marvin performed in many Detroit area musical venues, such as, THE MAJIC BAG(Ferndale MI), LILLIE’S and MOTOR LOUNGE(Hamtramck, MI), HOCKEY TOWN and TOWN PUMP, TESTFEST (Detroit), MEMPHIS SMOKE, FIFTH AVENUE, WOODY’S(Royal Oak, MI), ARTS, BEATS AND EATS(Pontiac, MI) and the 1997 TORONTO MUSIC CONFERENCE in CANADA, as well as, performing live on radio programs, such as THE MITCH ALBOM SHOW, THE JUDY ADAMS SHOW both on local Detroit station WDET. Psyfunk broke apart in 1999, but In 2007, Marvin united with members of Psyfunk to perform for A Concert for Noah to benefit the Children’s Tumor Foundation. The band still comes together once a year for this event.

In the fall of 2001, while at a party in WINDSOR, ONTARIO, MARVIN met SCOTT FERGUSON. Where the two enjoying a bottle of malted scotch whiskey and participated in a philosophical conversation about music and other matters. SCOTT invited MARVIN to come check out some of the music he was working on and planning to release on a new label he started called FERRISPARK Records. MARVIN agreed and met with SCOTT at his then studio, in HIGHLAND PARK, MI. It was during that visit, Marvin being a writer, as well as, a vocalist was enlisted to write and perform in with Scott Ferguson. Their first FERRISPARK published work was “BLEED TO BE FREE” and”FEELIN GOOD”. This EP labeled number 6 was released in 2003 to positive reviews. In fact, “BLEED TO BE FREE” which theme is about tolerance continues to gain worldwide attention and has been reviewed in magazines such as URB and over the net.

In 2003, Marvin lent his vocals label to DYNAMITE SOUL’s to “BACK IN THE MIDDLE”, which he sings with female vocalist MIYON BRYANT. “BACK IN THE MIDDLE” is written by MONICA LOCKETT, who goes under the name DJ GENESIS. MARVIN performed “BACK IN THE MIDDLE” with MYION BRYANT at 2003 DEMF TECHNO-FEST and in 2004 THE MOVEMENT in DETROIT.

In 2004, MARVIN worked with THEO PARRISH lending his voice to MR. PARRISH’S single on the SOUND SIGNATURE Label entitled “NATRALLY,” which is featured on his album “THE ROTATION ASSEMBLY.”

In 2005, FERRISPARK released FPR “ANY DAY NOW ” Ep.

Marvin toured Europe with Scott Ferguson to promote FERRISPARK RECORDS in 2007.

Summer of 2007, Deep Explorer a label out of Spain released Ep entitled “Deep Explorer 007” with artist ABOVE THE SMOKE featuring side a1 “SWEET IS THE LOVE” lyrics and vocals by Mr. Belton and a2 remix (of same title) by Ferrispark Records producer Mr. Scott Ferguson.

Spring of 2009, teams up with James Thomas and Vincent Halliburton to form JOY OF SOUND PRODUCTIONS. See the JOS website:

2009 Ferrispark Records re-issues FPR-006 “Bleed to Be Free”.

February 2010 Ferrispark releases FPR-027 “The Letter”.



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