Sunday, January 1, 2012

Double Hill & Jerome C - I Need Love

Title: I Need Love EP
Format: 12"
Nation: DE
Genre: House , Funky, Deep Tech

Further proof, if it was needed, that Israel is one of dance music's most intriguing hotspots. Anyone whose been clubbing in Tel Aviv or Haifa will know the febrile atmosphere that living in that part of the world generates, especially among its young people. The nightlife really is everything there. But while Israeli producers like Chaim and Guy Gerber inhabit the darker end of the tech house spectrum, Double Hill and Jerome C evidently take inspiration from the warm eastern Mediterranean sunshine, with this EP of laidback house and twisted neo-funk.

Released on Gadi Mizrahi's vinyl-only Double Standard imprint, the title track of the I Need Love EP ties clipped guitar work to St Germain-style vocal soundbites, G-Funk handclaps and a lolloping soulful rhythm. "Blue Sky Holiday" marries the clack of wood blocks to shiney pads, banks of warm Rhodes organs and stoned female vocals. "A Little More" is a less than subtle but still enjoyable take on Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas' class-leading cosmic disco sound. Tying up proceedings with some élan on this eclectic package, the duo shoot off into Wamdue Project-style deep house territory with the atmospheric dubtronics of "This Pain." A sinuous bassline wraps itself around emotive string pads, crunching 808 handclaps and a doleful, repetitive synth note. Soul, with an Israeli accent.



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