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Pitch Black - Lost In Translation (International Observer meets Horace ...


Frequencies Fall is a collection of remixes of tracks from Pitch Black’s Ape To Angel album, which, reflecting the duo’s wide ranging tastes and styles, encompasses nearly every genre of electronica and dance music. Ape to Angel was released last summer to much critical acclaim, and many a rave review.

Carefully sequenced to flow freely from beginning to end, this collection is both a smoker’s delight and a serious dose of audiophilia.


Title: Frequencies Fall
Label: Dubmission Records
Catalog#: CDDUBM005
Format: CD
Country: UK
Released: 25 Sep 2006
Genre: Electronic, Reggae
Style: Dub, Downtempo, Ambient


1. Lost in Translation – International Observer meets Horace
2. Freefall – Friends Electric
3. Elements Turn – Switch & pZ
4. Freefall – Minuit
5. Flex – son.sine
6. Big Trouble Upstairs – Hummel
7. Freefall – Ithz
8. The Random Smiler – DJ Flix vs Red Star
9. Lost in Translation – Youth
10. Empty Spaces Missing Units – Module
11. Ape to Angel – Bluetech
12. Flex – Peak_Shift
13. Freefall – Alucidnation


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