Thursday, December 30, 2010

TRIBE "Son of Tribe" (2009)

A jazz record in the truest sense of that word, Tribe Rebirth, will see the quartet of Phil Ranelin, Wendell Harrison, Marcus Belgrave and Doug Hammond recreating tunes from their past as well as a number of new compositions. The group, which first assembled in the '70s, and issued a slew of LPs that have grown in stature over the years among jazz aficionados, was put back in contact in 2007 when Craig asked Wendell Harrison to be a part of a gig he was putting together in Paris.

Craig had previously worked with Belgrave on his Detroit Experiment record, and covered Tribe's "Space Odyssey," but it was his talks with the saxophonist that helped bring the group back together. Craig says that the record, which will see the light of day on Community Projects, is "less experimental than Innerzone Orchestra and more cohesive than Detroit Experiment."



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