Thursday, September 23, 2010

Maceo Parker - Children's World (live)

Maceo Parker''s name is synonymous with Funky Music.Parker got his start with the legendary James Brown and over the years his career has seen him an integral part of such luminary Funk icons as Bootsy Collins & Goerge Clinton. Maceo is often remembered by aficionados of funk music as a sideman; appreciated mainly by those in the know. More than a decade and a half after starting a solo career in 1991 Maceo Parker has been enjoying a successful run as a headlining musician. For the past sixteen years Maceo has been building a new funk empire, fresh and stylistically diverse. He navigates deftly between James Brown''s 1960''s soul and George Clinton''s 1970''s freaky funk while exploring mellower jazz and the grooves of hip-hop. After joining james Brown''s band in the 1960s, Maceo grew to become the lynch-pin of the enclave for the best part of two decades. - his signature style helped define James'' brand of funk. Maceo is a living part of Funk History; he''s the subject of the famous line coined by James Brown, he solo summoning signature, “ Maceo, I want you to Blow!”

His collaborations over the years performing or recording or both have included Ray Charles, Ani Difranco, James Taylor, De La Soul, Dave Matthews Band and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers to name a few. From the breathtaking shows of James Brown to the landing of the Mothership, Maceo has been there - as close as it gets to some of the most exciting moments in musical history, contributing his sound as a constant point of reference.



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